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  • Hire Expert Teams
    Can work remotely for you

    Hire Expert Teams
    Can work remotely for you

    We understand how important it is for you to thrive in today’s complex business and financial world. Finding reliable administrative, marketing, IT and database support teams can be difficult — and difficult to afford too.

    This is where Fission Infotech can help. We excel at applying our expertise to find affordable, professional resources to help with all of your outsourcing needs — right from our remote location. Our experience spans companies based in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and our outstanding reputation and excellent customer feedback has helped us continue to grow.
  • Cost-effective Service
    Extremely affordable pricing

    Cost-effective Service
    Extremely affordable pricing

    Our business was founded on the idea that we can make American, British, Canadian and other international businesses run more smoothly and inexpensively by outsourcing tasks that are expensive to operate in-house. We have found that most of our clients can outsource services like marketing support, website support, customer Q&A, help desk support, product support, database analysis, customer management, and content management, while saving 60-70% or more.

    By working with Fission Infotech, you pay only for the help you need — no more paying out salaries and benefits to employees during slow periods or supporting unproductive workers.
  • Highly Adaptable
    Let us know what you need

    Highly Adaptable
    Let us know what you need

    Our excellent management team collaborates closely with you to understand your business and detailed operations. We hire and train only the most highly-qualified candidates to work on your projects with daily supervision and hands-on management.

    If you need to change course mid-project, we will happily make the needed adjustments to keep your project flowing smoothly. Just ask us — we are here to support you.

Our Offering

Free Consultation

Our IT experts will provide free consultation for your Organisation’s need.

Free Solution Design

 We also provide free solution design via wire framing with “n” number of iterations.

Pay Only for Implementation

You commit with us only after liking our solution.

Let Us Help

Traditional Model

Our “traditional” model  mainly based on standard  practices, is generally used inturnkey, fixed priced contracts. An iterative/incremental lifecycle model is used.

Outsourced Model

Our “Outsourced” model , mainly on works on dedicated Engagements.  We are constantly innovating in our service and delivery options, so we can provide cost-effective solutions for just about any corporate challenge with greater flexibility — just makes business sense in today’s competitive environment.

Get to know us better

Fission Infotech is the brainchild of Bhargav Kandimalla and Sandeep Kumar Nukarapu, entrepreneurial partners who have dedicated their careers to managing outsourced solutions for overseas businesses.

They apply their unique combination of passion and innovation to help companies find affordable resources to overcome their most pressing business challenges. Located in one of India’s largest IT hubs, the company has served small and mid-sized clients for over six years.

Bhargav and Sandeep remain committed to providing outstanding customer service to clients throughout North America and UK. To provide highly professional and affordable virtual staff for a wide range of work domains. Ultimately enabling entrepreneurs to manage entire enterprises directly from their mobile phones

Our Support Services

Click and choose from the following business domains or let us know exactly what type of resources you are seeking. We would love to help!

Website Design Services


Mobile Applications Development


Web Application Development


Marketing and Sales Support Services


E-Commerce Portals


Website Design Services


Mobile Applications Development


Web Application Development


Marketing and Sales Support Services


E-Commerce Portals


Client Shout-outs

I have worked in the eCommerce industry for nearly 10 years supporting clients looking for a smooth infrastructure to run their businesses on. Fission.IT has been by far the most effective and affordable outsourced eCommerce support service provider I've ever worked with. Unlike other outsource agencies, Fission partnered me with a qualified resource AND a manager to help develop the support processes I needed. They also manage their resources in-house so they can control the level of productivity and quality of support you get. This is what separates them from the competition for me. Other agencies just connect you to an inexpensive resource who works from their home, leaving you to deal with whatever network reliability issues and experience gaps they might have and provide zero management support while they sit back and skims margin off the top. Not Fission.IT. If a problem ever got complicated enough, I always had a manager I could escalate it to for help. I even got to work directly with the CEO. Would definitely recommend this team.

David Kent

The fission team are the other end of my business, they are awesome, I worked with different teams in the past 10 years but I would say fission is my favorite out of all of them. The dedication they show to my business is definitely awesome they meet me halfway on everything, I plan the project hand it over for execution and they deliver every time. Good job Bobby and team keep up the good work.

Mouhamed Khouma

Very easy to work with and delivers great results. Will definitely contact them for any future projects!

David Ramirez

These guys are amazing! They’re very responsive and the turn around time is fast and high quality. I highly recommend working with them to anyone!

Logan Sorensen

For almost two years, Fission has supported many of our day-to-day technical needs at The Link Builders. I’ve always been impressed with their level of responsiveness and ability to get us on the right track quickly whenever we’re faced with a technical challenges. It’s an awesome partnership which has helped us grow.

Nick Cuttonaro

Bobby and his team execute fast and efficiently with great communication throughout the projects we have worked on, I highly recommend their services to individuals who are looking to do great business.

Chris Stanbridge

Bobby and the team at Fission Infotech helped us grow our affiliate marketing business in a very affordable way. Thanks guys!


We have been working with Fission for close to two years. They have been great for us to offload routine network tasks such as offer setups, updating suppression files and swapping out email creatives. They have always been quick and responsive to begin any work requested. Everything from small tasks to larger, labor intensive projects are handled efficiently and at a great value! Exploring expanding our relationship to do more tasks with them now...

Thomas Bruck

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