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Our Team

Our team is the perfect synonym for the ‘Wild Bunch’, we come from different walks of life with different skillset. You will find a geeky coder, fine designer, ace digital marketer, veteran product strategist amongst our rag tag group that’s what makes our team awesome. The opportunities provided at Fission is unlimited for a resource willing to venture into the world of technology.
When these bunch of misfits are put to work for a cause they simply create wonders. Meet our squad

Our Opportunity

Fission provides people the unique opportunity of working with the best minds of the industry, be it your colleagues or the clients. The opportunity to learn from your peers, mentors and getting a perfect hand’s on training to ignite your zeal is what you get at Fission.
At Fission you don’t develop in a siloed way, you become a domain expert, a problem solver an ace marketer and above all a maverick. If the thought of endless opportunity and the proverbial ‘sky is the limit’ excites you, we have a place at Fission.

Our Opportunity
Our Promise

Our Promise

‘Time well spent is a time worth lived’ the time you put up in Fission is worth every minute that our promise. The amount of knowledge you get simply by working on projects from round the world helps you get an in-depth training and makes you prepared to take on the world.
We believe in providing equal opportunities and training to all the resources and make them prepared to take on the next big role.

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